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Special Ops | India's Longest Manhunt | Official Trailer | 17th March 2020

The action-packed story of the 19-year hunt for India’s biggest enemy. #HotstarSpecials presents #SpecialOps. All episodes out on 17th March.

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  1. Best indian web show of all time

  2. Best indian web series of all time ❤❤❤👏jai hind

  3. zabardast. it was worth my time. totally equivalent to a movie.

  4. Why the hell every terrorism series comes down to Pakistan 😑 disgusting looking good but really Pakistan ?

  5. Omg the villain is so brilliant .he's acting is out of the world

  6. One of the best web series

  7. Theme Music is somewhat like Spiderman PS4 Game

  8. Just finished .Extraordinary ,Mindblowing,Superb .i never forward in this Webseries..

  9. What a webseries yaar speechless Kay Kay Is a Great Actor

  10. Sabse Favourite mera Farooq hai Yaar is Web Series me!
    Yaar 😍

  11. Neeraj pandey alwys blow our mind he's our own Christopher Nolan

  12. Kya isme the family man jaise gaaliya h ? Kyuki m ise tv pe sabke sath dekhna chahta hu so please ekdm such batana🙏

  13. My whole family binge watched it yesterday …roka hi nahin gaya.Neeraj Pandey is the master of Spy thrillers …it's realllllly awesome
    ..The villian will send chill down ur spine ..KK ..Karan Tacker Vinay Pathak …. Evryone too good
    ..last episode …itna thrilling Hain….agar Baby part 2 kahein toh galat nahin hoga…take a bow Hotstar ..ur answer to Family Man ..I wud rate it higher though…plz make season 2

  14. I will post ep1 of special ops today before 5pm
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    This channel
    I promise quality will be best and just show some support guys on link given channel

    It's my promise
    And plz subscribe

    Baki tum khud h dekh lena before 5pm

  15. Hafiz is iqlakh Khan in this series

  16. One of the best web series…

  17. Hindustan ko bahut dard diya hai humne…. Inshaallah aage bhi denge…

    Hindustan bhau: nikal lavde pahile fursat me nikal😂😂😂…

  18. Finally.. Must watch web series… & one and only super taleted kay kay menon's best entertainer ever!!

  19. पता नही क्यों जब जब ये लाइन आती है
    " हिन्दुस्तान को बोहोत दर्द दिया है हमने इंशाअल्लाह आगे भी देंगे" मेरा खून जल जाता है।
    ये सीरीज बोहोत ही उम्दा है देखिए गा ज़रूर।

  20. मैं यहाँ पर केवल के. के. मेनन के लिए आया हूँ।
    इनकी एक्टिंग का कोई जवाब नहीं है।

  21. Really greatest series 8 part continue no boring

  22. Superb story line and acting ( Specially Kay kay Menon sir) . Salute to you guys, never imagined India could make that wonder. 🤩🤩

  23. It's just outstanding , 5 out of 5…

  24. Imdia walo …Abhi landun ki chai yad hy…jis or chai peni ho tu kro himmat…films ky sapnoo sybnikal kar haqeqat ka samna karo

  25. K K Menon is so underrated actor. I mean just look at him, such acting! Trust me, I'm an avid fan of Jack Ryan series, and KK portrayed him as a secret service agent far better than Jon Krasinski did in JR S02. Hats off to K K.

  26. It's is best series never been seen in my life….10 🌟 out of 5

  27. What a masterpiece. Really loved the series.. Kk just rocked.. What a fine acting..

  28. One of the best web series I have seen ever. Acting is natural and superb. The all guy is really good. I think that's the real acting. Love you 🙃❤️

  29. really awesome series waiting for 2nd season

  30. Kk meno ky acting kiya hai,sab hero fail hai iske samne

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