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LOST GIRLS | Official Trailer | Netflix

When Mari Gilbert’s (Academy Award® nominee Amy Ryan) daughter disappears, police inaction drives her own investigation into the gated Long Island community where Shannan was last seen. Her search brings attention to over a dozen murdered sex workers. From Academy Award® nominated filmmaker Liz Garbus, LOST GIRLS is inspired by true events.

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LOST GIRLS | Official Trailer | Netflix


  1. So that's wat Holly is doing now lol

  2. Netflix having lot of movies on girls like lsot girl, horse girl, tall girl, blonde girl..

  3. What did the jaw thing have to do with it? Was it a way to identify Shannon or something else the girls had in common.

  4. Could the main character be any more unlikeable?

  5. What a good movie cant believe that monster is walking free somewhere

  6. This movie is sad but I would recommend it. It's really interesting from beginning to end. 👍🏻

  7. can anyone tell me what is the bgm song , thanks

  8. It was ok. I was expecting this to be like Unbelievable but it’s not because it’s a movie and you don’t get enough time to emotionally invest yourself in the characters.

  9. I want more Brooklyn Nine-Nine jokes.

  10. The good Dr. Had the perfect burial grounds. High Marsh in his own back yard. He let that girl get buried back there. He was in on it and the cops were involved. Thats why when the neighbor offered to call the cops, she took off running. She was running from them. The Dr. had video surveillance and deleted it. He said he didn't offer it to the investigators because they didnt ask for it.. Come on. He didn't get into any trouble because the cops protected him and were in on it with him. Pis poor investigation, mediocre interrogation, destroyed evidence, missing evidence. Once the Dr.s gig was up, he sold the house. He knew that woman was buried in his back yard and so did many of the cops. Especially the ones that almost immediately grew tired of looking for her. Of course it sucks to pretend your looking for someone over months when you already know where they are. It took a mom who lives paycheck to paycheck to find all those missing girls including her own when the police couldn't accomplish shit. Those girls would still be missing if not for the mom. Too much gone wrong purposely to not be a cover up.

  11. Is this any good? Can ya'll tell me?


  13. This is only half of what they had to endure…

  14. My family has seen so much injustice…


  16. are you sure this is not a fraud? because i saw mayhem from allstate.

  17. Gabriel Byrne and Amy Ryan were in the HBO show In Treatment together. An awesome show that was cancelled way too soon.

  18. I just looked into the real story and its scary how much evidence could have been used but was either destroyed or never picked up by the police. Something is definitely off… Police is trying to cover something up.

  19. I hated the film. The mother, who tried to be a good mom in the last minute to the horrible investigation. There's no good guy in this one.

  20. IT WAS THE DOCTOR!! I’ve been saying it for years. Why didn’t they pursue the physician Dr. Peter Hackett who brought girls into his house to give them a place to stay sometimes. He claimed to take care of them. He administered drugs to shannan Gilbert allegedly and harassed her mother on the phone days after her disappearance. I wish police would look at him again! But money talks 😐

  21. So you're a lousy mom and now you want to blame everyone else except you when she goes missing

  22. Should of called Allstate with all the mayhem going on in this movie… smh 🤦🏼‍♀️
    bad form..😬

  23. I was 30 sec in and realized this was part of LISK and Gilgo Beach, shrouded in mystery and then even Mari and her other daughter. CRAZY stuff. The documentary is a good watch. People are sick and I don’t think LISK is responsible for all deaths. Essentially an east coast version of “Texas killing fields”. Scary.

  24. Spoiler it took them a year to find her and she was right there smh they should have done a better job the killer must be a cop

  25. Love these kinda movies! Please upload more

  26. this looks so good, like wow…

  27. Imagine the tragedy. This film was a gradual insight to the lives of the families during that horrific time. Amy Ryan had me convinced she was a mother searching for her lost daughter. I will never look at Holly (from the Office) the same because of how immensely captivating she was in this role.

  28. This movie was so good.I have followed this case for yrars. There's also a movie called killing season about the case.

  29. Why was she running from the driver who transported her and tried to help while she continued running down the neighbourhood instead ???. And i bet a $ that some higher up in the society was involved in this.

  30. It’s on Netflix now.
    I prefer true stories to blood and gore.

  31. I recommend everyone to watch this movie!

  32. don't waste your time on the bad movie

  33. That looks like the cat killers mom, I can’t watch.

  34. ohhhh Amy Ryan's going to get some big roles because of this. She's a heavyweight.

  35. I have just seen this movie and it is excellent. Then i searched the real events and there were some sites mentioning a fourth daughter, a Stevie Gilbert. But she is not on the movie or any news, does any of you know something about it?

  36. What's the name of the ending song?

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