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CORONA ZOMBIES Exclusive Trailer (2020) Virus Horror

CORONA ZOMBIES Exclusive Trailer (2020) Virus Horror

PLOT: A government asleep at the wheel! The wealthy shrugging it off! A global toilet paper famine! And a virus that causes its victims to get up and kill! The people they kill…get up and kill!

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  1. Eis que voce tem 7 anos de idade e chama seus pais para fazer um filme…

  2. Filmed over a weekend for $15. Just hope they put an effort into the script. Hahaha, who am I kidding? 🤣🤣🤣

  3. She doesnt need to look for a toilet paper. She can just swallow .

  4. Her scream had me laughing for heeeella long, bro. 😂😭🤣😂😭🤣

  5. Did they take money out of BLADE: THE IRON CROSS to make this crap?

  6. Hurr durr people buy out toilet paper.
    i’ve seen porn with better acting and humor than this. I want my two minuets back.

  7. Even porn has better acting

  8. Should been called COVID 19: The 2nd Sequence

  9. Plz quick upload….
    I am w8

  10. The film, the filmmaker and the crew, all of them are repulsive

  11. I need a Wizard Big Box VHS of this….come on Charles I know you got'em 😁

  12. Oh dang I thought that real I think it's a movie

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