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Breakaway New Movie Trailer 2011 ft Russell peters and Anupam Kher

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  1. I hate russel peters so much calling himself star by mocking own culture and people. Low life

  2. This ought to be a kick in the butt good flick. Both Russell Peters and Anupam Kher who I haven't seen since Bend it like Becham. The Punjabi Sikh cast with all those accents alongside Hollywood been around stars like Rob Lowe should be quite entertaining for those reasons alone.
    A touch of Bend it like Beckham based what I saw in this trailer. On top of that they cast a hit stand up like Russell. Come on this is a formula for Somebody's gonna get a hurt real bad. Ribs hurting real bad is more like it, from all the laughing and side splitting funny stuff.

  3. watched it give it a 5 or 6

  4. what would you give it out of 10

  5. that would be quite jokes but will be a pisstake lol

  6. lmao Maybe they should hire Al pacino for bollywood movie. I would love to see him dancing around the trees with among of indian dance girls lol

  7. Russel peters. Now I gotta watch it.

  8. @tiffikate27
    bollywood movies are the shittest movies ever made
    especially now there trying to take on the mafia side with shit like don. gangster movie with people dancing around singing randomly? shit doesnt work out.

  9. 0:01 that womans eyes are huge lol but shes sexy

  10. if russell peters is in it i gotta watch it. lol

  11. This actually looks pretty cool… going to try and find the dvd

  12. @moonlightcrawler eh…just live with it. Life's a real mixer.

  13. bollywood movies are the best movies that exist they have romance , drama,comedy and music who wants more , do you even know about good movies because it doesn't seem like you do

  14. camille belle, my god something about her eyes just pierces through my soul, i legit don't think anyone could have hotter eyes than her

  15. I hope he doesn't do Indian Jokes on this movie

  16. @quesillia loooool yeah me too

  17. I have nothing against indians and like and respect them more than other ethnic cultures but whats with the whole indian and white couple thing???

    Are the Jews of Hollywood and Canada now trying to add an indian blend too???

  18. @MrSonypsp it is an indo canadian movie!!! and not a hindi movie

  19. @MrSonypsp i saw him too

  20. @MrSonypsp ummmmm it's punjabi yuh fool

  21. I have seen this movie thinking it would have element of adventure,curosity,sports spirit…but it has no CONTENT,story base..it is typical BOLLYWOOD DUMBO..i will rate it 1/10.

  22. Holy shit! The ending is fucking gold!!!

  23. @punjabimunda4lyfe About your sexuality? sounds about right.

  24. @punjabimunda4lyfe your username suggests you've been watching "brown" movies all your life

  25. It's weird how Russel Peter's who pokes fun at Indian movies in his stand up acts, is actually staring in one!

  26. we can beat the hammer heads why not?
    OK lets see, they're bigger, they're faster, they're stronger
    or they're whiter!


  27. If Russel Peters was in this movie I wouldn't watch it

  28. Probs only watch this for Russell.

  29. @MrSonypsp we saw himm!! I FCKINNNN LOVEEEE DRAKKKKKKKEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Everything 🙂

  30. @MrSonypsp Yeah that's what I thought too also for Ludacris lol

  31. peter you are the champ

  32. Finally we get to see Brampton on the big screen!

  33. Russell behind bars !. no wonder the cop will go crazy.
    Somebody gonna get hurt real bad….

  34. Shouldnt this be ball hockey to be believable?

  35. @MrSonypsp Yeah it's drake man, and ludacris is in this movie too 😛

  36. the directors was inspired by russell peters

  37. @systematic177
    pretty sure this is set in toronto plus the makers and some of the actors are indo-canadian

    ps. drake is also canadian

  38. this movie looks so stupid but I have to watch it because I'm brown you know 😛

  39. whats the name of the ludacris song in this?

  40. @zero109 What a profound,deep and logical reply!!! 😀

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