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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Bunny Day Update Trailer

Bunny Day is coming from April 1st to April 12th in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, along with the return of Leif for Earth Day following soon after!

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  1. I don’t exactly like that a holiDAY is going on for more than a week…

  2. No April fool’s day anymore? Well rip to Blanca

  3. Earth day even! Animal crossing takes place on earth? Why are humans a minority in a world of animals? How did this happen?

  4. Can they remove tool durability this isn't a survival game


  6. Lemme Just Say This, And It's Not Part Of The Subject, But…

    they got rid of the duplication glitch

  7. ZIPPER •_• seriously though who is he? 😂

  8. Oh WOW!!….Zipper will be back?!….IM SO EXCITED!!!…😂😂

  9. Reminds me of Pocket Camp events.

  10. What need is to be able to control how much of a stack we want to sell, separate, and drop. (Similar to the bells maybe). Tired of separating one-by-one just to sell 20 of something when I have 34 of it. >.>' Like, who the fuck decided not having a feature like the bells?!

  11. I never really liked the events, they all seem so underwhelming

  12. That bunny is terrifying tbh

  13. Thanks for the video….Beyond excited!!!!!!!! Been playing since game cube…. my job is closed..stuck here with nothing and all switches sold out 😔. I've been watching your videos…I know it's stupid but I would love nothing more than to play…my heart feels too sad and all I got is YouTube to binge watch gameplay 😔. Was Soo desperate..I almost reached out to Nintendo but I guess that's stupid…thanks for your videos!!!

  14. My island is set on the Northern Hemisphere, so when will my island get Cherry Blossoms? I absolutely love those trees.

  15. Omg Leif…Leif will be here in April my life is COMPLETE

  16. They said once you have an internet connection and the event arrives April 1st, they said the event can be played without internet connection, maybe this means you are able to time travel backwards to the event if it ends because they said you can play the event without internet once you have the event update.

  17. We need a option to skip arrival/leaving plane cutscenes

  18. live your best deserted island life thanks for the free update…..without the glitch patch

  19. So happy that Leif is back, I have high hopes for others to retrn!

  20. Kinda sad they patched the duplication glitch

  21. Iam waiting for a discussion Gamexplain. I need some hype in my life.

  22. Please Nintendo don’t make this like Pocket Camp

  23. is it just my weird island or dose anyone else not have the cherry blossoms in their town even tho it’s spring or dose that come later i’m super confused haha if anyone could enlighten me that’d be great

  24. But everything changed when the fire nation attacked

  25. If there is someone from the Southern Hemisphere who doesnt mind someone fishing on their island? hit me up.

  26. All I want is Crazy Redd's art museum and Brewster coffee shop 🙁

  27. Zipper's suit still freaks me out because it reminds me of those rabbits from Silent Hill 3…

  28. If I miss it, can I go back in time to get the items?

  29. Hopefully they're adding Leif to the game as a permanent addition rather than giving him 'event' status and removing him once the Earth Day event has finished.

  30. If I set my time to December does that mean Zipper won’t come

  31. So there is hope for crazy redd yet

  32. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssszssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Was that the update that downloaded today? I'm excited!

  34. I think they mean Easter, not "bunny day"

  35. So is it a live event or not?

  36. Are there any bunny townies we can keep ?

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