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A World Betrayed (Total War: Three Kingdoms Soundtrack)

The trailer music for A World Betrayed DLC trailer. All credit goes to Jochen Flach and all musicians involved for creating this epic soundtrack. Big thanks to CA for releasing this music, download it here (requires a Total War Access account): https://dashboard.totalwar.com/home


  1. Honestly, this is good, but it’s the weakest of the dlc songs imo. It doesn’t have the righteous fury of Yellow Turbans, the heart-wrenching tragedy of the Eight Princes, I feel like it’s trying to be Mandate of Heaven, with most of it being sad with a bit of hope at the end, but it just sort of fails for me.

  2. when the PRC falls and China is restored as a dynasty

  3. Finally, where you've been Peaches? Stay safe out there!

  4. Thank you, this song gets my heart racing

  5. I can feel Diao-chan lean on my arm

  6. Man, I can't wait until this virus finally results in China revolting against the PRC. They have long lost the mandate of heaven and it is time for the empire to devide!

  7. Nice upload and stay safe and well

  8. Wheres that flute part at the end?

  9. Sun Ce: But the day will always come
    Cao Cao: When they must stand alone
    Liu Bei: …And are face with a choice
    Sun Ce: Do we follow the path put before them?
    Cao Cao: or take a different road?

  10. Thank you for this! So lovely.

  11. Music to defeat the corona virus and restore peace to the world to

  12. Best music ever heard. With the death of Dong Zhuo, Diaochan, and Lu Bu together as lovers, Cao Cao exacting revenge on his family's murderers, and liu bei taking control of land, and finally Sun Ce crying whilst he holds his Dying father.

    I must say a really impressive story the three kingdoms has and the most complicated piece of history that China has since, adding in with the war of the eight princes and the fall of the Han Dynasty, the years of all of the other pieces of China don't even come close to this massive clusterfuck that it is.

  13. The music of the Corona era.

  14. These are trying times but CA’s music never dissappoints.

  15. cool video keep up the amazing work

  16. awesome video it was really entertaining

  17. Thanks so much for uploading Peaches! Gives the zing up my head as always

  18. Here before 63000 subscribers. Don't stop. also, can we Be friends? =O

  19. triple orgasm listening to this

  20. Hey peaches. Good job! Stay safe and good luck.

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