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  1. "A woman's heart is like an ocean full of secrets."

    -Rose Dawson

  2. Sorry, you can help me? There is a video on my comercials

  3. 1:03:00 What movie is this??
    Kindly help me..

  4. I find it very unfair that the whole experience is ruined by constant ads. that deviate from the mood! Outrageous

  5. The theme from Castaway is by far the best one on here.

  6. the lord of the rings is my the best soundtrack😘

  7. the best Soundtrack playlist EVER!!! Very nice.

  8. How to download this track. Kindly help me

  9. What's the name of the song/movie with the large dragon and the man riding a horse under him??

    To The Stars from Dragonheart (1996)

  10. Oh Black Beauty, to this day I can’t watch without crying

  11. What a compilation i am enjoying it

  12. My heart will go on HUHUHUHU 😭😢

  13. Thanks so much for your work – really a wonderful compilation. Bravo!

  14. Beautiful music. Some of it sounds like it comes straight from the angels. Thank you to composers and uploader x


  16. the Titanic soudntrack makes me cry everytime


  18. What is the name of the movie in 2:10:00, not all sound track has name, if somebody could share the names would be great.

  19. Fck You dude. All these fcking adds! Wtf!

  20. Am I the only one thinking that the 6:31 'Main titles' soundtrack from Chocolat is just almost identical to the Beauty and the Beast intro soundtrack?
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2rDrKUb6bM Here is a link to the soundtrack.. Just wondering haha!

  21. Thank you for sharing such wonderful movie music!

  22. Which one is the one at 1h16?

  23. Who ever did this. It is so very beautiful. You have given so much pleasure to so many people as have the composers. Please list tracks and composers to celebrate all of these great works of instrumental art and imagery

  24. All this bitching about "I downloaded this first???…none of you composed this music, you all stole it?…grow up children!!

  25. What is with all the ads? I used to play this all the time while I was working and now there are tons of ads, and long ones too.

  26. Everytime the titanic soundtrack comes on i am like ,, oouuh that hurts stop it“

  27. 1:56:29 I cry so much:-(♡♡😭😭😭😭

  28. If you're going to rip someone else off at least use proper time stamps…loser.

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