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  1. I thought the same thing chongsfury


  3. gulp…one hell of a week…all spooky or mind-fucking movies…

  4. Wtf..now there making movies about killer dresses. Bahaha no good talent they have to remake movies and rip off older movies

  5. these all suck massive donkey dicks.

  6. I like the one with the dress and how the trailer had a retro aesthetic to it like the oldies feel but staying modern

  7. Making remakes of shows that were so so to.begin with? Ugh!
    Aren't there any original ideas in hollyweird anymore?

  8. Hm. In Fabric looks a lot like the Graham Masterton book Ghost Virus about clothes coming to life… kinda *ahem*.

  9. Who else knows about the dark crystal because of the Odds1out

  10. dark Crystal the best , that trailer of the red dress is so retarded and stupid but I like the way is shot is very good

  11. The only one that looks good is the Dark Crystal, all the others are garbage.

  12. I really hope "in fabric" is good, it looks pretty original, kinda twilight zoney

  13. My jaw hit the floor when i saw the dark crystal trailer. I should probably stop typing and pick it up

  14. I'm confused by the Jim Henson name attached to the dark crystal I know he wrote/directed/produced and stared in the original but he's been dead nearly 30 years

  15. Dark Crystal looks good for a CGI puppet show.

  16. Dark Crystal scared me so bad as a kid I don't need to see another version as an adult and be re-traumatized!

  17. Sorry, but 37 years go by, so much new tech, and the Dark Crystal look just as unappealing as it did back in '82

  18. I was thinking that the thumbnail had a remake of Gremlins in it.

  19. In Fabric
    47 Meters Down: Uncaged
    The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance
    The Flood

  20. Dark crystal looks better than I thought it would be xx original film will always be better xx

  21. The names in description would help alot 🙂

  22. crap crap crap…nothing but a bunch of straight to video movies….and I don't consider netflix series movies at all.

  23. Nice trailer 😙😗😚😍😍

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