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What Men Want (2019) – Official Trailer – Paramount Pictures

Check out the official trailer for #WhatMenWant, starring Taraji P. Henson, in theatres February 8!

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  1. It looks they have copied indian marathi movie named Aga Bai Arechya concept where a lead actor hear evreything what women think or say in their mind..

  2. FAKE

    where are the men that think nothing? come on.. it's more common that they just don't think about anything and zoom out

  3. Dave Chappelle Predicted this.

  4. Sex, sex, sex, sex, penetration, intercourse, f*cking, sex sex sex sex sex. Did I mention sex? That's all men want.

  5. This movie was a travesty on so many levels.

  6. This was a great movie , funny and light hearted why are so many men emotional about this movie ?? Get a grip

  7. This movie is so sexist and hateful against men, it's so CRINGE! Another feminist indoctrination pos.

  8. What men want: Nothing to do with this trash.

  9. 2030 "What non binary people want."

  10. What Women Want: legitimate message about how a self-perceived ladies' man develops introspection and sensitivity towards women by finally listening to them, learning to connect with them personally and professionally, and realising machismo is a transparent and unnecessary insecurity. Women aren't portrayed as catty, backstabbing, conniving, or superficial, but empowered, hard-working, sensitive individuals. Some women feel pressured, isolated and ignored by society to the point of suicide, and acknowledging them as real sensitive people is basic human solidarity. Written, produced and directed by women, portraying both flawed men and women as equals who can learn from each other by dropping stereotypes and communicating. Subtitle of the movie: 'He has the power to hear everything women are thinking. Finally… a man is listening.'

    What Men Want: if men aren't sleazy, lecherous, flatulating fratboys, they're emasculated sexless nerds, in another woke Hollywood remake where prejudicial man-haters dilute the work of other female writers for their own vendetta. Filled with tired racial cliches and predictable testicle-crushing slapstick, this shallow world is painted as another big boy's club, where men at every level of society breathe patriarchal oppression through constant humiliation and objectification of women. In an era of soaring male isolation, disillusionment and suicide, pretending men in 2019 are adulterous 1950's caricatures is a more lucrative convenience. Telepathy isn't used to see men as flawed, struggling humans (save for enhancing female sexual prowess in a tokenistic nod to the original), but to confirm them as dictatorial robotic simpletons whose nasty urges and infidelities must be preempted and exposed to protect other women. Subtitle of the movie: 'She can hear men's thoughts. Let the games begin.'

    May the predictable 'fragile small-dicked incel wrote a book about how he hates female empowerment' ad hominems commence.

  11. Good movie…entertaining from beginning to end. 4.5 out of 5.

  12. Anyone believes mindreading exists?

  13. This is garbage as compare to Mel gibson. There he tried to make women happy and find her love and fix things for a troubled teen girl.

  14. I really didn't like this movie. It was crap, disgusting and why must they make women behaviour so slutty and over the top emotional? Men don't like that!
    The sexual language is getting too much.
    45min in and I switch it over

  15. Chapelle show did the real version

  16. I hate trailers. They give me a headache.

  17. if all you sensitive men actually watch the film. this film isn't about trashing men smh

  18. What men want: "Suck his dick, play with his balls, fix him a sandwich and don't talk so much" – Dave Chapelle

  19. I thought this would be a silent movie.

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