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Midnight Cowboy Soundtrack- Main Theme

Composer-John Barry


  1. The melody in this song is somewhat reminiscent of that theme song from the James Bond film "You only live twice", also composed by John Barry. If you guys liked this one, you should check that out 😉

  2. My god – do you hear that awful, mood-killing glitch at 0:53 – you know, you really ought to delete this, it's woefully sub-standard audio, my friend.

  3. cawboy da meia.noite
    música sem prescedentes…é muito linda!!!

  4. ,yeah l can remember the film very well and that theam music well that's something else

  5. I have to say that I saw this movie for the first time when I was very young my parents were very liberal and thought I should see everything I could of the world and that movie really hit the nail on the head about the ups and downs some can have in life and how heartbreaking it is to have lifelong dreams dashed.

  6. I just listen to this song for the first time in quite a few years and for some reason it gave me an eerie feeling and made me think of all my friends I have lost over the past years. There is Beauty in simplicity. If you listen to this song with a sensitive ear you can almost hear someone calling from the past. Haunting. Few movie theme songs do to me what this one does the only other one I can remember is the music to the Deer Hunter which can make some listeners delve deep as it does to me.

  7. Reminds me of my brother who died homeless.. cry whenever i hear this soundtrack.

  8. I miss you Sharon Tate.
    By August, you'll have been dead 50 years.
    I was only 15 when this movie was released.
    My parents saw it.
    I did too. I thought X rated was a little high
    Even for a 15 year old 10th grader.
    Sad ending on the bus.

  9. John Barry's 1969 bittersweet Emmy Award winning theme plays like a mournful tribute to the end of an era. Thanks.

  10. two best actors who didn't win "Best Actor" 1969. Rip-off.

  11. September. 19. Th

    Old. Gay. Cowboy. Stylin…Movie. or. Just. Want. Be. Kinda. Strange. Weird. Good. Watch.

    Cow. Boy. Grady

    Nasty. Some. Also !

  12. The harmonica in the motion picture is Toots Thieleman, where the harmonica on the soundtrack and hit single is Canadian Tommy Reilly (which clocks at around 2.5 minutes).

  13. The theme may have reflected the emotions people felt back then. It's the type of song you expect in the background of a bar where Don Draper is drinking to forget.

  14. Очень противоречивый саундтрек впрочем как и сам фильм, с одной стороны мне он не нравится до тошноты, с другой он такой депрессивный что даже клёво, идеальный прям передал всю атмосферу попаданием на дно.

  15. It is also a great book.  4 stars.

  16. Now listen to Terrence Loves You by Lana del Rey. You’re welcome 💋

  17. The interplay between the harmonica, strings and guitar is pure magic!!

  18. This is one of the magic rugs that makes me fly back to loved young years. A master piece no doubts.

  19. Growing up in brooklyn…my pop went to see this movie, it reminds me so much of the man I miss and love…my friend, my father.. TEDDY…..from your sonny boy RIP

  20. Incredible & Awesome!!!
    Movie & soundtrack

  21. Thanks for all of your sweet playing, Mr. Thielemans …….

  22. R.I.P.

    Adieu, Jean-Baptiste Frédéric Isidore "Toots" Thielemans, gifted and most talented man. :'‑(

  23. This is from a period when Hollywood leftist "progressives" falsely began depicting the dark-side anomalies of American culture as mainstay.
    – and whether through ignorance, ineptitude, malice or neglect, in so doing, vitiated whatever modicum of credibility they held on to.

  24. seems the year this came out was good this and favorite james bond movie came out

  25. Great theme from a great film

  26. i mean this is hauntingly beautiful 🙂

  27. Jennifer Lopez – Baby I Love You Is A Sample Of This

  28. la escena del final en la que muere Ratso es muy triste y sobrecogedora, como casi todo el film…

  29. The harmonica could simply represent the "cowboy" aspect that is Joe Buck, but the way I see it – if you listen closely, the way the instrument is being punctuated, sounds rather sleazy. There's a sort of weasel-y characteristic to it, almost like it could simply be about Ratso, too.

    I guess it shows the unity these two loners have – in one song.

  30. You can hear Ratso Rizzo cough at 0:53

  31. al jaren zeg ik dat dit toots van antwaarpen is, tot nu toe geen duidelijkheid…..

  32. It was a time and era when every hit movie also released a sound track. Now those days are now forever gone

  33. When I was a teen and was listening to Neil Diamond "Stones," The Tijuana Brass, and Henri Mancini, I had the double disc set of Mancini's Greatest Hits with his amazing version of this song. I also love the John Barry version on "Moviola." But the reissue of the 2-record "Best of" was 1-record and this song was dropped. I haven't been able to find it since.

  34. A very emotional track. They don't write em like that anymore.

  35. haunting, moving and an amazing piece of true music…..simply genius !!!

  36. As soon as you hear the opening bars of this magical piece you just KNOW the film it came from. Dustin Hoffman…one of the truly great actors.

  37. This is a beautiful piece of music that manages to make one feel uplifted and alienated at the same time.  The crime is that in 1969 this movie was rated X which was a death knell for box office at that time.  I finally saw it on TV (edited, I assumed) and at the end wondered where all nasty X-rated bits had been.  I hadn't seen any.  Yes, that could have been the editing, but I doubt it.  What I did see was a moving story about loneliness, desperation, friendship and devotion.  If you haven't seen it or listened to the entire score I recommend you do so.  Peace….

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