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Love, Death and Robots Soundtrack – Sonnie's Edge [Extended + Loopable]

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  1. I wish I was somewhat decent with Ableton or even Audacity currently. It would just mean bridging the rhythm between tracks and perhaps altering the levels slightly throughout the track so the ambient synth and beat doesn't sound as though they repeat themselves as much. If one were so inclined, would it be possible to lift some samples from places to replicate the synthesizers and add a layer or two of your own making? Nice track for playing certain games to though, I get bored of the soundtracks after a while and turn them off to use my own playlists. As it is in Abelton, I can't even figure out how to overlap or create two tracks, I use the resonators to sketch out ideas around the tonic to make layers.

  2. This episode: "THERE'S ALWAYS A CATCH" (…)

  3. What's the song that plays when Sonnie and the girl hold hands?

  4. I love this track. And the episode is in the top 3 of Season 1 for sure.

  5. It's always the coolest songs that aren't actual freakin tracks. 🙁

  6. I wanna find the track when sonnies is being seduced by the other girl it plays at 11:40 in the episode

  7. I love this episode they should make it into a series

  8. Gon play this while stealthing around in Cyberpunk 2077

  9. Unfortunately this isn't a complete track, i love that synth. Nice work looping it 👍

  10. i want to know name of that music when sonnie and her friends were entering battle stage ( scene where thier tattoos are shown)

  11. I love this I wish I could find the full track!!!

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