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Heart Strings Trailer (2020) – A Kenyan Animated Short Film by Martian Fx

After months of work we finally present the trailer for our in-house, 7- minute animated short #HeartStrings

Written by Huston Malande and directed by Gaitano Mbati.
Produced by Martian Fx.

Set in Nairobi- Kenya, Two completely different people—a homeless single mother and a
young restaurant cashier, each endure their own mundane,
lonely and uneventful lives until their paths cross by accident.
They soon discover that sometimes, the things we need the most
may come to us from the most unexpected of places.

This animation is unique in that it has a compelling, multiple-layered story, with an original
score- composed by the super talented; Samuel Mutuku and Hendrick Kithiki of Global Harmonic

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