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The Craft 2 – Nancy's Revenge – (2020 Movie Trailer) Parody

Light as a feather, stiff as a board…
The 1996 cult classic is back in this brand new sequel. After decades spent in a mental hospital, Nancy (Fairuza Balk) finally makes her long awaited escape. On the loose and crazier than ever, Nancy tracks down Sarah (Robin Tunney), Rochelle (Rachel True) and Bonnie (Neve Campbell) for one big witch reunion. They say in the old days, when a witch betrayed her coven, they would kill her.

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Yes, this is a fan trailer (or a concept trailer). Fan trailers are often misunderstood. These videos transform existing footage through the use of editing, professional voice artists, and heavy effects work (in After Effects).

These videos take many weeks of editing to create. I take existing content and transform it into an entirely original fictional film. Unfortunately that this movie WON’T be coming to a cinema anytime soon.

The original film is one of my favourite movies of all time. It perfectly captured the 90’s, provided one of cinema’s most iconic characters (Nancy), and had an amazing soundtrack.

I’ve been wanting to create this trailer for a long time. I was surprised at how much fantastic footage I had to work with. This was always going to be a pet project for me, so I really tried to inject my own personal humour into it (a lot more than I usually do). It’s crazy, it doesn’t make sense, but until Netflix does a reboot (hopefully with the original cast) it’s about as close as we’ll ever get to a sequel.

Footage used in this trailer came from the following sources
The Craft
Beautiful Mind
The Ward
Patient 7
Scream 4
August Falls
Looking Glass
Social Nightmare
Battle Scars

Voiceover provided by CalanRobinson courtesy of Fiverr

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