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Home Alone: Christmas Reunion – Making Of Video (2020 Movie Trailer Parody)

Keep the change you filthy animal… It’s the Home Alone: Christmas Reunion Making Of Video!!

This is a relatively new thing I’m trying out. I’ve done a couple “Making Of” videos but they’ve never really found much success. These fan trailers take A LOT of work… so I enjoy sharing some of the creative process with you guys.

All of my videos are primarily made using Adobe After Effects. I’m self taught, learning the program through YouTube tutorials and reading internet forums. This trailer for Home Alone was super difficult to make. Some trailers (like my video for The Craft 2) are a piece of cake. I have tonnes of useable footage, great ideas, and actually end up cutting scenes.

This trailer I had very little to work with and put the entire concept on hold for two years whilst I waited for more raw footage. I’m happy with the end result. It ended up being one of my most liked videos (90% upvotes). The problem with fan trailers has always been that people think I’m trying to “fool them with a fake”, but for some reason fans have embraced this video and don’t feel cheated.

If you enjoyed this video then please check out my channel for other trailers like Scary Movie 6, Forrest Gump 2, Titanic 2: Jack’s Back, The Craft 2, Buffy: The Vampire Slayer, Inside Out 2 and many many more.

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