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Sight & Sound Theatres – NOAH 2020 Trailer

After nearly a decade, this landmark production returns to the Branson stage! We invite you on board one of the world’s best-known voyages, as live animals fill the stage and aisles. Set sail inside the enormous ark as this extraordinary story comes to life all around you! Tickets on sale January 22nd.

Sight & Sound Theatres began more than 40 years ago in rural Pennsylvania, where a dairy farmer went from producing milk to producing live entertainment with a purpose. Today that vision has expanded to two state-of-the art theaters in Lancaster, PA, and Branson, MO, where stories from the Bible come to life on stage. Each production features Sight & Sound’s signature massive sets, special effects and live animals. Still family-owned, Sight & Sound’s nearly 650 staff members write, produce, design and build the original shows, drawing nearly 1.5 million audience members each year.

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