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Seinfeld: The Movie (2020 Parody Trailer)

It’s Seinfeld : The Movie! Giddy Up!

Starring Jerry Seinfeld, Julia Luis-Dreyfus, Jason Alexander and Michael Richards.

Join Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer (along with dozens of your favorites) on one last wild ride. The Seinfeld Movie reunites the entire cast of one of the worlds most loved TV shows.

This is a fan trailer (or concept trailer). Fan trailers are often misunderstood. These videos transform existing footage through the use of editing, professional voice artists, and heavy effects work (in After Effects).

These videos take many weeks of editing to create. I take existing content and transform it into an entirely original fictional film. Unfortunately that this movie WON’T be coming to a cinema anytime soon.

Seinfeld is still possibly my all time favourite tv series. I’ve seen every episode enough times to know them off by heart. It’s one of the few shows that ended on a high. Every season is super strong and the amount of creativity involved with creating so many memorable characters is mind blowing.

I loved making this video and I hope you guys can see that in the finished work. This was a video I made for the fans.

Footage contained in this trailer was taken from dozens of different shows and clips. Some include

Jerry Seinfeld – Comedians in Cars
Elaine Benes – Old Navy Commercial, Correspondents Dinner Promo, Porn Shop skit
George Costanza – Homophobia PSA, cameo on Kirstie
Cosmo Kramer – Behind the Scenes of Kirstie

Cameo’s include
Wayne Knight as Newman, Teri Hatcher as Sidra, Heidi Swedberg as Susan Ross, Estelle Harris as Estelle Costanza, Jerry Stiller as Frank Costanza, Patrick Warburton as David Puddy, Jane Leeves as Marla the virgin, Kathy Griffin as Sally Weaver, Brenda Strong as Sue Ellen Mishki, Danny Woodburn as Micky, Phil Morris as Jackie Chiles, Bryan Cranston as Tim Whatley.

Other cameo’s include Man Hands, Yada Yada, Two Face, The Low Talker, Indian Giver, Babu, Mickey, Shmoopy, She Jerry, and Kim Kardashian. For a full list of all appearances leave a comment asking for a specific scene. #trailer #2020trailers #movietrailer

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