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Hamilton: An American Musical FULL SOUNDTRACK

If you love the musical and want to support it I strongly encourage you to buy the songs, but until then enjoy this!

This video got put back up and now there are ads. Not sure why :/

-Disclaimer- All of the songs in this video belong to Lin-Manuel Miranda and the original cast of Hamilton.

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0:00 Alexander Hamilton
3:55 Aaron Burr, Sir
6:33 My Shot
12:07 The Story of Tonight
13:41 The Schuyler Sisters
16:47 Farmer Refuted
18:40 You’ll Be Back
22:16 Right Hand Man
27:27 A Winter’s Ball
28:37 Helpless
32:47 Satisfied
38:13 The Story of Tonight (Reprise)
40:09 Wait For It
43:22 Stay Alive
46:03 Ten Duel Commandments
47:51 Meet Me Inside
49:15 That Would Be Enough
52:12 Guns And Ships
54:19 History Has Its Eyes On You
55:58 Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)
59:59 What Comes Next
1:01:37 Dear Theodosia
1:04:38 Non-Stop
1:11:05 What’d I Miss
1:15:01 Cabinet Battle #1
1:18:36 Take A Break
1:23:22 Say No To This
1:27:24 The Room Where It Happened
1:32:42 Schuyler Defeated
1:33:45 Cabinet Battle #2
1:36:09 Washington On Your Side
1:39:10 One Last Time
1:44:07 I Know Him
1:45:45 The Adams Administration
1:46:40 We Know
1:49:02 Hurricane
1:51:25 The Reynolds Pamphlet
1:53:35 Burn
1:57:12 Blow Us All Away
2:00:06 Stay Alive (Reprise)
2:01:58 It’s Quiet Uptown
2:06:28 The Election of 1800
2:10:22 Your Obedient Servant
2:12:51 Best of Wives and Best of Women
2:13:40 The World Was Wide Enough
2:18:45 Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story

I am not profiting from this video with any monetization. This is just simply for you to enjoy Hamilton.

I used Daily Music’s video which is now deleted but I downloaded the video, re-uploaded it and made sure the location of each song was accurate for easy access in the description and comment section.

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